Some inside playtime....

So I admit it...I haven't exactly been following my own "rules" since Joacim's been gone.  It's ALL about survival, I've realized, and I've had to loosen up a bit.
For example, we had Chick-fil-a for dinner the other night.  Not what I would normally do, but I didn't feel like spending the time trying to come up with something she would eat, not that she'd eaten this before (even though I tried) but I thought I'd try again, and I'm glad I did because it's now something I can add to the "List of Things Izzy Will Eat".  She started out eating my sandwich (LOVES bread) and when that was finished then moved on to her chicken nuggets.  And sweet tea (yes, I know...horrible for her and me but SOOOOOO YUMMY).  Everything in moderation, right?  :)

She's been pulling out the pimp hat lately, and it's awesome.  All of sudden I'll walk out in the living room and there she is, all pimped out.  Apparently she felt that Sleeping Beauty and the Seven Dwarfs were worthy of the pimp hat.
I've started asking Izzy to "smile" for photos, and this is what I get

Lemmy has been sleeping/hiding a LOT. I think he's just relaxed because Murphy isn't here. I keep telling Lemmy to not get too comfy, but I don't think he's listening

I noticed the damage that Lemmy has been inflicting on the furniture during his headworm episodes, so I got him this scratching pad to see if that would temper anything. It's filled with catnip :)

I'm pretty sure Izzy's enjoying this MUCH more than Lemmy

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