THERE you are, spring!

I forgot how good it can feel when the sun's out and a warm wind is blowing.  Well, in this case, it was near hurricane-force, but I'll take it.

I was going to take my friend's new baby's photos, but I woke up feeling a cold coming on (and Joacim and Izzy were no better) so I thought it best to reschedule so as not to get the baby sick.  So instead, we did a little yardwork.  Very little, actually, but spent the most time just hanging out and swinging Izzy.  I can tell how much she's grown since last year, since it's a lot harder to push her in the swing now, and it just doesn't swing as freely as it used to.   But she loves it just as much as she did before, if not more :)

 And here's one of the cutest dogs in the world.  No, seriously.  The.  Cutest.
Granted, this bone made her poop all strange today, but she seemed to enjoy it going in (just not so much coming out :)  I know..I know...TMI.  Sorry :)

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