I think I look like a shar pei.....

I've been suffering through a sinus infection the last couple of days.  I woke up  feel crappy on Tuesday morning and promptly went to see my doctor.  Drugs were given, and I spent most of the day and night lying down.  Then Wednesday, I woke up with my throat STILL sore and coughing, so I stayed home again.  I could tell by last night that the medicine was working, so I was fully prepared to go to work this morning.  But when I woke up, my left eye was a bit....well, crusty.  I asked Joacim if it was swollen, and the look on his face said, "Are you kidding me?  You look like a freak!"  Ok, he didn't actually SAY that, but I'm pretty sure he was thinkin it.  Anyway, this is what I saw when I looked in the mirror.
Now, my first thought was WTF????  SERIOUSLY..What the HELL is going on???  Then I was thinking that maybe it was pink eye, or worse yet, something terribly wrong with my kidneys.   OMG....they were driving me CRAZY!!!!  Dry, itchy, heavy, achy....awful.

Thankfully, another visit to the doctor relieved my serious worries.  Apparently, it's all part of my sinus infection.  I've NEVER had this happen before, but I'm glad to know what the heck caused it.  He switched one of my meds, prescribed some drops and some horizontal rest to help gravity get my sinuses back in order.  It's all slowly working, but I still think I look like a freak.  And even though this day started off sucking, it got pretty awesome when Izzy came home and gave me this :

How SWEET is this??  Thank you Christina, Roena and Lindsey....you guys are the best!

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Lacy Park said...

OMG!!!! Are you EVER going to get a break? A broken toe, sucky kidneys and now.....

I swear your luck is gonna change.

Praying for you.