Trip to Bouncertown!

We've been thinking about getting either a trampoline or a bounce house for Izzy, but since we weren't sure if she'd actually play in it, we decided to take her to Bouncertown first to see if she like it.

Initially, not so much :)
But then we went to the toddler bouncer
It took her a while to warm up to the idea
and let go of the sides :)
after that confidence boost, it was back to the big bouncy
and back to the little one
and on to ANOTHER one...it took awhile, but she finally made it up the steps and down the slide
This was the biggest one there, and she tried, bless her little heart, but got spooked when the bigger kids would rush past/over her.  I think if she would've had the entire thing to herself tha she would've done it.  Maybe next time, kiddo ;)

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