More randomness (ok, playing catch-up again! :)

I may not be able to live in the country, but at least now I get to enjoy a tiny little benefit of it..
Will she ever eat anything other than yogurt?????
By that expression...I'm guessing it's gonna be a struggle :)
Here she is helping Joacim clean the corn for dinner
These next few are pretty funny.  I had tried rollerblading earlier, and when I got back in the house, I took my socks off.  Izzy then decided that they'd make great legwarmers for her...
And, of course, what outfit would be complete without her favorite hat
She's getting pretty interested in the front seat of cars now...a window 14 years into the future...
JOACIM FOUND A SONIC!!!  It's 20 minutes away, but totally worth it, so we went there a couple of Sunday's ago for dinner.  Izzy had a corn dog (yes, a diversion from yogurt :)
I got her a dish of vanilla ice cream, but this looks like WAY more than a "dish"
We went to some friend's house this past weekend to play poker (well, Joacim played poker...I played with these two cuties).  It was fun watching them play together...
and argue over what was "MINE"!!!

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