Swimtime Sunday with Cristian!

So it was H.O.T. this weekend. I had run a bunch of errands on Saturday morning/afternoon, and then did a photo session in the evening with an unbelievably cute/adorable/active 15-month old, so by Sunday, I was spent. And I didn't want Izzy to have to get in her carseat at all, so we just hung out at the pool all day.

Here she was in the morning playing in her pool. I couldn't figure out what she was doing, until I realized that she was trying to make a slide out of the side of her pool! Very creative, my lilla loppan!

After her nap, it was time for a snack...yogurt

Then we got in the pool (or I should say SHE got in the pool...I dipped my feet in a few times ;) She played for awhile until Liza and Cristian came over. It took a while for Cristian to warm up to the idea of playing in the pool, but once that happened, I think they had a great time!

Love the look on his face here...

He's kissing the book :)

They look like little brainiacs!

Liza was trying to get Izzy to crack a smile! Goldfish crackers turned out to be the magic touch.

I love this look on her face....so grown-up and disgruntled :)

We had a great time! Looks like this weekend is going to be the same. Yay!!! More pool time!

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