Dinner on the Deck at Traders Point Creamery

Friday night we decided to do something a little different and go up to Traders Point Creamery for their Friday night "Dinner on the Deck". Traders Point is an organic dairy on the north-side of Indy that has AMAZING cheese, yogurt...you name it! For those that follow this blog, you may remember that we went up there over Christmas when Joacim's parents were here.

Anyway, they have this pre-set dinner every Friday during the summer, as well as an organic/all natural farmers market. We got there a little late, so we didn't get to enjoy the market, but hopefully I'll get back up there before it ends. Looked like some yummy stuff! We did, however, get to have dinner. This night - Brazilian beef kabobs. YUMMY!

After dinner we had to go visit the baby cows. Too cute!

We started out by giving the calves some straw...

But this little bugger got a little closer than I was expecting! Check out the look on my face! :)

I got a good laugh out of it....Izzy wasn't too sure about that blue tongue coming at her!

Love cow noses

I love cows...

And I love this barn. Isn't it gorgeous???

Here's Izzy discovering rocks again :(

And here we are on our way out...

She slept soundly on the way home...I even made it into the house with her and got her changed before she woke up! ARGH! I just decided to let her play for a bit. Here she is sliding around on the countertop (don't worry!!! totally supervised fun!) waiting for her bottle...

It was a good time. Can't wait to do it again!

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