Look Mamma! No training wheels!!!

Izzy reached another milestone on Sunday!!!  No more training wheels!  We've tried all summer here and there...subtle suggestions but no pushing.  Then, on Sunday, Joacim took her out for a ride and asked her if we could take them off.  She said she was afraid of falling, and Joacim somehow convinced her that he'd catch her, and they were off!  I think she took right to it too!

There was LOTS of riding up and down the sidewalk and around the neighborhood.  There were a couple of trips around the big pond, and even one outside of the neighborhood onto city sidewalks (with Joacim).  I think, in all that day, she rode a total of 5 miles!  And the only reason it wasn't more was because it got dark ;)

Such a cute little dork :)

She even started getting "fancy" by standing up on her pedals and "riding"!  I LOVE watching her ride her bike now...such a happy smile on her face!  I guess I know what we'll be doing a LOT of in the next few weeks!

And from the looks of it, she'll be needing a new bike next summer, which sounds like a perfect 7th birthday present!

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