Another amazing fall weekend.....MEA weekend included!

It was MEA weekend here in Minnesota, so Joacim and I took both Thursday and Friday off to do something fun with Izzy.  I had the best of intentions.....I was going to plan a trip up to Duluth or Grand Marais for the weekend, filled with lots of hiking and bonfires, but time just ran away from me.  Nevertheless, I think we still had a pretty good time.

My plan for Thursday was to go to Minnetonka orchards like we did last year, and hang out in the AMAZING weather and then get some pumpkins.  Unfortunately, little Izzy wore shoes that were too small, and by the time we got out of the corn maze (where I lost my sunglasses as well) she had a blister on her foot.  So that was shot, but we did get pumpkins.  WIN!

I wish you could've seen her from the front. She was wearing an elastic headband around her head and was all rocked out ;)
I was pretty bummed when we got home.  Sometimes it's frustrating because I have a very particular idea of what I want to happen, and when it doesn't, I get a bit rattled.  I think Joacim sensed my mood, and suggested that we try to ride out bikes to Excelsior, which is a lovely little town on Lake Minnetonka (about 7.5 miles by bike trail).  I love Excelsior...such a cute little town, and they were having a farmer's market when we got there, so the main road was closed of (made me feel MUCH more comfortable regarding Izzy).  I took my camera with me to capture the lovely fall colors that Mother Nature bestowed upon us this year.

Once we got to Excelsior, we decided to grab an early dinner at Maynard's and then bike back home.  Now, looking back, it was fun, but in the midst of the ride back, my legs were cramping so terribly bad (damn kidneys) that I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it back home!  Luckily, Joacim and Izzy were both patient and let me walk as much as I needed to in order to make it back safely ;)

This was a LOVELY weather weekend.  At some point over the weekend (I don't remember when :) Izzy and I headed out to the backyard so she could do gymnastics and I could take her picture (at her request), so the following is a collection of those photos.  Even though she's not actively participating in gymnastics right now, her strength is ridiculous!  And that smile on her face while she's doing this is something I wish I could bottle!  There are also a couple of pics of Rosie and Murphy, who were also enjoying the warmth and sunshine :)

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Marie Björsing said...

Beautiful photo Jenn! I love the autumn colours.