Minnesota State Fair 2014

It's that time of the year again!!!!  I LOVE the state fair!!!!

First stop:  Miracle of Birth Barn (my personal favorite).  This little calf had JUST been born, and his name is Ferdinand :)
THIS right here is the reason I come to the fair (well, one of many)  Fresh.  Roasted.  Corn

Izzy was ALSO excited about the corn, but her lack of teeth made it SUPER hard to eat.  That's not to say she didn't try her hardest :)

One of Joacim's picks:  deep fried Oreo's.  Now, I didn't try these myself, but he and Izzy seemed pretty happy with the selection.

She IS rather egg-ceptional :)

And then it was off to the kiddie carnival.....this is her FAVORITE ride right now :)

I LOVE this picture....captures what great fair memory.  That's Izzy at the bottom of the picture!

She was SUCH a good kid that we went to the face-painter and let her pick out her design :)

And THIS is what she picked!  Neon tiger!!!

We stopped off at the butterfly barn.  This is a great place, but it takes a bit of getting used to these HUGE butterflies landing all over you!  I know I let out a few screams myself!

And we can get free milkweed seeds for our butterfly garden next year!!!

RAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!  (The teeth totally MAKE this photo, right?)

Then we headed down to the animal barns (another one of my favorite parts).  This is the first thing we saw when we walked into the cattle barn.  I gotta hand it to these kids....they work pretty hard during the fair!

Izzy was fascinated at the horse barn.  They had a great interactive area for kids, and she was intent on making this braid perfect.

Somone mentioned that Izzy's face matched the "outfit" that this horse was wearing, so we had to take a selfie!

I felt like we walked for foreEVER, but in reality it was only 5 hours.  Although our pace was pretty light we didn't stop much, and that resulted in EXTREMELY swollen hands, knees, feet, etc.
Right after we bot back in the car.....

....and a day later.
Izzy said that the best part of the fair was the twirly-car roller coaster she road.  I think it was a toss-up between the roasted corn and pork chop on a stick!  I'd really love to go back by myself so I could walk through the exhibit buildings.  I bet there's a ton of cool stuff in there, but it's not too interesting to anyone else in the family.  Hopefully next year I'll do that!

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