Swedish Visitor - Minnesota zoo and Valley Fair

I completely forgot to include this photo!  This was taken one of the first few nights after Jasmin's arrival.  It was our neighbor's birthday, and they always celebrate it in style...this time with giant pizzas and a cookie the same size!  Best part is that was DELICIOUS too!

One one of the days that I had to work, Joacim took the girls to the Minnesota Zoo (these are all photos he took ;)

One of the fun things we had planned was a trip to Valley Fair.  It was a pretty warm day (we even ended up going to the water park, but I didn't have my phone or camera so no pics of that :(  We started our day on the ferris wheel (per Miss Isabelle).

Here's a view of the park from the top of the wheel

And here's Izzy being a little ornery :)

I was AMAZED at how much Izzy loved to ride the "bigger" rides.  I wasn't sure if she'd go on them herself or not (I wasn't feeling well, especially after THIS ride :)

I don't remember what this ride is called, but the sounds from the drives that move this thing is freaky!  Izzy and I stayed on the ground and watch Jasmin and Joacim ride this one.

And here they are :)

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