Our Swedish visitor :)

We were very fortunate to have a visitor from Sweden.  Jasmine is the step-daughter of one of Joacim's best friends back home in Sweden, and she came here for her "language trip". According to Joacim, most of the kids her age (~15) in Sweden go on a language drip during that summer in school in order to learn a more conversational English.  Usually they go to England where I guess they have these special programs set up for this, but since we're here and she was already familiar with us from when they visited last summer, she wanted to come here.  I say "I guess" because, well....it's Joacim and his Swenglish explanations are sometimes lacking in clarity :)  

She got here on a Tuesday, and I still had to work, but Joacim WAS able to take some time off so she wasn't alone initially.  Izzy was beside herself with excitement the weeks approaching her arrival, to the point where she was driving me batty with questions.  The funny thing is that, once Jasmin arrived, Izzy kinda clammed up since she's in her shy phase :(

We were having lovely weather, and wanted to spend as much time outside as possible, so we went to the "fake lake" as we're affectionately referring to it.  It's a swimming lake run by the parks department here and it's fantastic.  It's relatively shallow, chlorinated and there are no fish or plants to feel gracing my legs.  In other words, it's heavenly for me.

Izzy seems to enjoy it too!

Jasmine's visit was luckily during the Aquatennial, with the MOST AMAZING fireworks display!  We are very fortunate to have wonderful neighbors who saved us a spot with a fantastic view!

One day we headed downtown to check out the miniature golf course at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  We didn't call ahead, not even thinking that it was necessary, but we got there and all we saw was a sign that said "sold out".  Bummer.  Not knowing what else to do, we headed to the sculpture garden to take a look around, and now I can finally say I've seen this famous sculpture!

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Marie Björsing said...

Thanks for sharing Jenn!As Jasmin's mother I didn't think she would go. She was terrified of flying and quite dependant of me. I didn't know my daughter as well as I thought after all. This was her graetest and most challenging adventure so far in life.

Janne and I took Jasmin to Copenhagen Airport, she didn't cry when we said goodbye. I was anxious and concerned until she texted "I am in Joacim's car now".

Joacim told me that he wasn't shure of her having a good time, "She sits mostly by her cell phone". but, she told me, plenty of times that she was having a great time and that she didn't want to go back home so soon.

Jenn, Jasmin loved having manicure and pedicure together with you the first day. She asked me "Mum, do we hav that in Sweden because I want to do that again?"

Joacim, she loved going for a ride on your Harley... but she said Honda is better...During spring she will start practicing to get her drivers licence for mc.

Izzy, she loved watching movies together with you and we all would be very happy to have you come and stay with us when you get older.

Murphy,she liked you coming up into her bed for a snuggle.

Rosie, she got to cuddle with you in the couch.

Lemmy, she didn't se much of you at all.

Othe highlights that Jasmin has told us much about are going out on the boat and riding the tube. The fireworks at Minneapolis Aquatennial, Minnesota Zoo, the sculpture park and of course the giant pizza and chocolate chip cockie.

The best of all was when you took her to Valleyfare. She has especially told us about how fun it was to ride with Joacim in Xtreme Swing.

Not to mention the shopping...

My goals with her traveling ovarseas where to help her build her self esteem and to get more independent and at the same time practice her enlish. She came home with all that and a lot more.

I want this way express my gratitude to you having Jasmin stay with you, and that you took such good care of her, by simply saying Thank you and God bless you.