A Swedish visitor - TUBING!

One of the great things about having another person with us is that we could finally try out the tube that we bought for the summer, and Izzy and Jasmin were more than happy to oblige :)  Anyone that really knows me knows that I'm terrified of bodies of water that I can't see the bottom of (so basically everything except pools and hot tubs (and there are even exceptions to those), and I've been worried that Izzy will pick up on my phobias, but this photo shows me that she's going to be nothing like me in this area :)

We didn't stay out too long because there were storms rolling in, and we made it back to shore and all packed up just in time!

But we were back out the next day, and it was gorgeous and sunny!!!

We also took a little trip to Minnehaha Falls.  I absolutely love it here as I think it's such a little gem!  I hope Jasmin liked it too!

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