A Swedish Visitor says goodbye :(

The last day of a guest's visit is always the worst, especially for friends who are flying back to Sweden.  They're flights are usually later in the day, so we spend all day dreading the inevitable.  We tried to make it a little bit better this time by going to Excelsior first and hitting the ice cream place.  I chose superman because I wanted to feel like a kid again.  I remember this little ice cream place from my youth...it was a one-room, red building "parlor" and they always had superman ice cream.

We took our ice cream and headed down to the docs of Lake Minnetonka to eat it and hang out.

When we got to the airport, we were told that Joacim needed to stay with Jasmin until she boarded her plane, so he went to the gate to hang out with her and Izzy and I hung around the airport until her flight took off.  I'll be honest, we went to Sonic to grab some food first ;) but then we came back to the parking garage and watched planes take off, which Izzy and I both love!

And this is apparently what Joacim and Jasmin did to spend the time ;)

It was really great having Jasmin here.  I spent most of the time worried that she wasn't having a good time, and feeling generally guilty because I was having a really bad week health-wise.  I think I found out that my kidney function had tanked on the drive home from picking her up at the airport, and I never quite recovered.  So Jasmin, if you read this, I want to say "thank you" for coming to visit us....I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you here, and I look forward to our next vacation :)

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