We've got a 6-year old now!!!

 Happy 6th Birthday Loppan!!!!

I believe that EVERY birthday (mine included :) should be celebrated.....you should feel like numero uno on your birthday, and I want Izzy to feel that way too, so I always start with birthday donuts.

I also had some trick candles this year that wouldn't blow out as easily :)

This birthday girl wanted her hair curled, and she wanted to wear her new outfit.

After school was over, we invited the neighbors over for cupcakes and popsicles!

We took a selfie in the car before swimming lessons.

This was the last lesson of this session, and she did great!

And there was a gorgeous sunset to boot!

And she still had a few more presents to open when we got back home!!!

I'm pretty sure she had no idea why we got her the safety gear....

Until she saw this!

She wanted one last year but I wasn't sure she was ready (or that she remembered) so I was happy to see the smile on her face as she was practicing in the living room ;)

I really really think she had a great birthday!!!


Amanda, Ida, Erik, Noa & Nina och Magnus said...

Beautiful Izzy! Sure seems like she had a great day!

Rob Monroe said...

Awesome! In my opinion they get more fun as they get older!