Field trip!

I FINALLY got to go on a field trip with Izzy!  I've been wanting to volunteer for one of these for awhile, and the stars finally aligned and allow me the time :)  Luckily, this was also a short one since it was so close (the Minnesota Arboretum), so I didn't have time to go completely crazy!

The great thing about this age is that these kids make you feel like you are the most awesome person ever.  And who doesn't want to feel awesome?

These two girls are probably Izzy's best friends at this point.  They're sweet and fun ;)

This photo makes it look like they're under control, but that's only because it freezes a moment in time.  Seconds later it's chaos.  I gotta hand it to Mrs. Langan....she always keeps her cool and just keeps on talking :)

Silly faces for some silly girls :)

I forgot how pretty the Arboretum is.  I take it for granted that it's literally a couple of miles away from our house, and I certainly don't take advantage of it enough!  I hope to change that this summer though.

There isn't a single kid who doesn't LOVE a koi pond, and this one came with a waterfall!

A quick selfie before we got back on the bus to head back to school.

Tired girls = grumpy girls (actually, they were just joking around with this face....they were all sorts of wired!)

I had such a great time with the kids that I was a bit sad that it was over so soon!  I'm sure I would've felt completely the opposite had it been an all-day trip too though :)

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