VACATION!!! Sanibel Island Day 6

Thought I should throw in some photos of what our room looked like so I could remember it :)  Pretty decent accommodations!

Last walk back from the beach (insert sad face here), looking for lizards

Insert REALLY sad face here, as I thought we'd be coming back to Minnesota to better weather.  This is harsh.

Absolutely beautiful day....and week actually.  No rain at all....until we were ready for takeoff.  Luckily this only lasted a few minutes, but I'll admit that it was pretty cool to see the wall of water hit the airport :)

And then blue skies, and beautiful clouds for the a majority of the trip home.  Still cool to see the burst of rain coming down from above....

I won't lie and pretend that we were happy to be going back to the crappy weather in Minnesota.  We had a really great, relaxing vacation.  I was able to completely disconnect from work, which was sorely needed, and Izzy really strengthened her swimming skills.  I think we all enjoyed lots of Vitamin D too!  I'd definitely recommend going to Sanibel for a visit to anyone ;)

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