Weekend activities

This was a really nice weekend!  Izzy and I got to spend some time together, which was nice because the week before may have been the busiest work week that I've ever had.  Activities included:
  1. Joacim was traveling, so I was single-parenting
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Gymnastics photos
  4. All-day work meeting followed by all-evening boat cruise
  5. Drive to Canada
  6. Drive back home from Canada

We started off the weekend by playing with playdoh.  We got her a cupcake factory and more playdoh as her old stuff was drying out.  I think we played with this for 2 solid hours :)

Izzy's cookie

And my chocolate chip cookies (not bad, right?)

The next day we went out on the boat.  This was the first day that was truly, truly a nice day to go boating.  The sun was out....it wasn't really all that windy.  Perfect.  Whenever we go, I have to make sure I pack up a lot of options in the cooler for her, and I think that was our only saving grace on this trip.

Luckily, Joacim caught a fish...a tiny one, but a fish nevertheless....

And Izzy was...well....bored.  She can fish for about 10 minutes, and that's being generous.  We're going to have to figure our some way to entertain her besides shoving food in her!

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