Cruise along the St. Croix

I had a chance to take a cruise along the St. Croix river this week.  It was a work-related excursion, but I managed to see a few cool things on my trip.

This is the Stillwater lift bridge....one of few existing....cool, right?

While we were on our little dinner cruise, there were 2 hot air balloons that came over the bluff a little farther up the river and then they headed down to Stillwater.  This one you see right here is dipping the basket in the river....CRAZY!!!  Turns out he was showing off for a classic car gathering there, but it was pretty cool to watch (and a little scary at first too ;)

There was also this cool car/boat thing that we saw.  These people must've been at the classic car show, and then just drove into the water and took off.  So cool!

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