VACATION!!! Sanibel Island Day 1

Yay!  Vacation!!!!  When we booked this, I was afraid that it was going to be warm here by then and we wouldn't get as excited to go to Florida.  Silly, silly me......it doesn't get warm in Minnesota until July! :)

Woohooo!  These are HAPPY faces!!!

I never tire of taking pictures out of the window of a plane.....

It took him about 20 minutes to conk out.

For our first night we headed out to eat at Cip's....yummy!
First day of vacation is always a bit.....well....long.  All of the excitement from the flight, and then getting our rental car, a quick bite to eat and a trip to the grocery store for the week and we hadn't even seen the ocean yet!  We headed to Sanibel and checked into our condo, which was actually quite nice!  I, of course, was terrified (must stop reading reviews....happy people hardly ever leave reviews!), but it was unfounded.  The room was clean, spacious, and as close as we could get to the pool.  Unfortunately, the pool's most shallow depth was 3ft, so that wasn't quite ideal, but the ocean view we had every morning for breakfast made it much easier to deal with :) We bought enough food for breakfasts and lunches, but figured we'd sample some of the local fare while there.  Great first day!!!

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