Stella the B.O.A.T.

Did you know that boat stands for "Bust Out Another Thousand"?

Me neither.

I guess in this case it was only a $150, but still.

I wasn't feeling well at all on Saturday, and Joacim had a case of cabin fever, so he decided that he wanted to take Izzy fishing.  I was ALL FOR IT since I thought I'd get some rest.  After getting a few things done, I settled into the sofa and my phone rang.  It was Joacim, and all he said was, "bring a shovel".  Actually, there was probably more that he said, that's pretty much all I heard.  First off I'm thinking, "WHAT DID HE DO TO MY JEEP????"

t think the pictures speak for themselves....

This isn't a happy face but one of a madman....(ummm yeah, uhhhh.....I don't think a shovel's gonna cut it"

you just can't make this stuff up

After realizing that it was going to take a bit more than a shovel, Joacim left us at the scene of the crime and went home to "get some stuff".  I'm thinking, "don't leave me here looking like I'M the one who did this!!!".  There actually was a guy who stopped, and the first words I said to him were, "This is my husband's fault."  In all actuality, it wasn't his fault at all.  Take a look at this video....this is what the ground looked like where the boat was.  We've had a LOT of rain over the last week, and it turned this tiny little area into a floating pile o' clay.  You couldn't tell from the top that something was amiss underneath.

Izzy didn't seem to mind too much.

Joacim brought back a plank of wood, and by sheer force of will, used a hacksaw to cut through it.   This is a 2x8, mind you.  He then pulled the jack out of the Jeep, placing it on the piece of wood that he cut, but with every crank of the jack, the wood just kept sinking deeper under the sludge.

So, it was time to admit failure in recovering this and call a tow truck.  I don't think the guy believed me when I described it over the phone.   But when he got there, he just started laughing, took some photos for his website, and described it as "the best spring pull yet".  So there's that.

We were actually thinking that he'd pull it forward, but this guy was pretty smart (in his words, "This isn't my first rodeo" :) and thought it wiser to use the wench to straighten up the boat and lift it out of the sludge first, then pull it backward while Joacim rode the brake on the Jeep.

Will you look at this freaking hole????????

Amazingly enough, the boat and trailer are completely ok.  The tow truck guy (KMA Towing and Recovery in Eden Prairie, if you're ever in need) didn't even leave a scratch on the trailer where he attached the cable!

So, for anyone that wanted to see our boat, there it is, in all her glory.  By the way, due to strange boat superstitions, the boat will now be referred to as "Stella".


Amanda, Ida, Erik, Noa & Nina och Magnus said...

Stella is one lucky lady!/ Nina

Life Long Learner said...

Oh my! I don't know how I missed this when you first posted it, but this is hilarious!! Sorry, Joacim, I'm sure it didn't feel like it at the time, but I couldn't help but chuckle as I was reading this! The pictures and video are priceless. I had no idea the ground could look like that and still swallow the trailer and try for the boat! Hope you all are laughing about it now! :)