VACATION!!! Sanibel Island Day 2

Wow!  What a great day (but I'm guessing that the first whole day of vacation always feels this way :)

Izzy, enjoying her donuts with an ocean view....

Joacim was still asleep when Izzy and I woke up, so we decided to let him snooze a bit longer and headed down to the beach.

It was a beach filled with all sorts of stuff!

I have no idea what kind of sea grass this is, but it's pretty freaky looking....like a bunch of strange worms....

A hawk carrying it's breakfast

We found a brochure at the hotel that described a boat outing with a naturalist, and it sounded perfect!  I mean, if we're going to spend the money, we might as well learn something along the way, right?

The boat headed out to Picnic Island, which is a small, uninhabited island in the middle of the bay.  Did you know that the average depth of the bay is only 4 ft????   I was shocked (see...I DID learn at least something!  Money well spent!)

Once we got to Picnic Island, we got off the boat and used the nets provided to search for creatures.

Pretty as a postcard!

Here's a tiny little seahorse that someone collected....it was wiggling all over the place!

She held it!!!  I can't believe it but she DID IT!!!

Here's a quick look at all of the little critters we got to see up close!

This sea slug was pretty cool...it squirted purple ink!!!

Izzy wanted to get her picture taken with the naturalist (Lindsey)!

Wooohoooo!  Dolphins successfully spotted!!!!!!

It was a GREAT trip!  We used Adventures in Paradise Cruises, and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!!!

After the cruise was over, it was back to the pool!

We decided to go off the island for dinner.  I had 3 separate recommendations for Doc Fords, so we HAD to try it!  Needless to say, it didn't disappoint!

I don't even know what the heck kind of mojito this was, but I CAN say that it was damn tasty!

And we had a beautiful sunset as we crossed the bridge back to Sanibel from Ft. Meyers.  What a glorious, wonderful day!!!

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