The boat floats!

At long last, Joacim was able to get the boat in the water.  Sadly, Mother Nature didn't exactly provide an ideal day.  We've had to wait until the docks were put back in the water after the winter, and that happened sometime last week.  I'm sure that the wait has been killing Joacim ;)

He was out on the water before I even got out of bed today.  Izzy and I hung around the house until he called us to see if we wanted to go for a ride.  Honestly, it was about the last thing I wanted to do because it looked so cold and breezy, but I could tell how excited he was, so we both bundled up and headed over.

I'm not sure if you can even see this, but there was a group of guys that were SKIING.  In the water.  Freaking CRAAAAZY!

These two were happy as clams.  I wouldn't exactly say I was thrilled due to how cold it was, but I managed to suck it up for a bit so they could enjoy it while I took some photos.

And Izzy REALLY wanted to drive the boat :)

I seriously can't believe how patient he's been with this boat.  There've been several issues that he's run across since he got it, and he's had to take it back 3 separate times since he brought it home.  The first time he brought it home, he realized they put the driver's seat mount on incorrectly, and when the seat locked, it did so in a side-ways position  Obviously, not awesome.  Then the 2nd time was because of some ethernet adapter that THEY NEGLECTED TO TELL HIM ABOUT to make the trolling motor and GPS work together.  Lastly, after we took the boat out today, we noticed a LOT of oil....turns out there was no cap.  Obviously terribly not awesome.  The boat is now back at the dealer getting a full "look-over".  Fingers crossed that we don't run into any more issues with it (and the weather cooperates so we can actually use it :)

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