Well lookie at what Joacim brought home.....

It's a BOAT!

Joacim is, by no stretch of the imagination, an impulse shopper.  This is something he's researched, thought about, and pined for for over 2 years, so it was about time he pulled the trigger and went for it!

He picked up the boat earlier today, and I think he's spent the rest of the afternoon in it :)

Not to mention ALL OF THE DAYS PRIOR TO THIS that were spent reading about fishing, shopping for fishing stuff, obsessing about fishing....

I honestly couldn't be happier for him.  It's nice to see him so excited about something, and I secretly consider this an awesome thing because I think about all of the alone time I'm going to get this summer to do absolutely nothing :)  Of course, I'll go out on the boat occasionally, as one of the requirements of purchasing said boat was that it had to fit a lounge chair for me, and this boat complies with my demands.  But I'll also enjoy the times where I get to stay home, or go downtown shopping, or go out on some photo excursion, because he and Izzy will be enjoying this!

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