Holy missing teeth, Batman!

We had quite the excitement here over the last couple of days.  It's been awhile since Izzy lost her bottom teeth, her two front teeth have been loose for quite awhile, and she's been wiggling them quite a bit lately.  They were certainly bothering her, and it started affecting her eating, but it didn't seem as though they were going to fall out on their own.  Luckily for me (but unluckily for Izzy) she was crawling on the floor at daycare and ended up stumbling, only to come face-first with a bucket that was lying on the floor, and this pretty much did most of the work.

I didn't get home from work until late this particular night, and Joacim let me know what was going on when I came home.  Izzy was lying on the sofa, nearly paralyzed with fear.  She wouldn't eat or drink anything, nor would she open her mouth.  When I finally convinced her to open her mouth, I was actually horrified at the different directions the teeth were pointing (and there was no way she was going to let me get a photo of that!)  She was a sad, pathetic little mess.

We doped her up with Tylenol and sent her off to bed, with the hopes that one of us would be able to pull the teeth once she fell asleep.  It seemed like a fairly sound plan...I mean the kid sleeps the sleep of the dead!  But of course, this night wasn't like that.  Every time I thought she was asleep, I snuck in her bed, held down her chin to open her mouth, got my fingers around the tooth, and then her eyes popped open!  There was a time when she actually kept her eyes closed, but I was such a chicken myself that I couldn't do it.  Joacim wasn't willing to try because she never forgave him for cutting her the first (and only) time he tried to trim her fingernails.  I was resigned to calling the dentist in the morning.

And that's exactly what I did after she went to daycare.  I made the appointment, and I swear it wasn't 10 minutes later that Miss Katie called me and said that one of the teeth had fallen out!  Figures.  But there was still the issue of the other teeth, so we went ahead with the appointment.

Izzy is amazing at the dentist.  He's great with her, and takes his time.  I stay in the room to make her feel comfortable, but I also keep my distance so as not to interfere.  

With the sunglasses and laughing gas, she was good to go!

Once the dentist got the other tooth pulled out, he noticed that one of her teeth on the bottom (the one that she'd had a root canal on earlier) needed to be extracted too, so he numbed her up and ended up taking it out at the same time.  Poor thing!  I took her back to school after the appointment, and her with her numb face, she managed to give me a crooked little smile :)

Here's the tooth fairy's bounty for the evening....

We were so very proud of how calm and good she was through the whole thing, so we got her a little gift.

And apparently the tooth fairy doesn't pay enough around here.  When she woke up the next morning, she looked under her pillow at the tooth box that now had 4 quarters in it, and all she said was, "I thought I'd get more....".  Love her!

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