2nd season of Dynamites

We had Izzy's gymnastics evaluation the other night.  I was a bit disappointed that her coach wasn't there (she was flying to Las Vegas to watch her own daughter in a gymnastics competition), but I did get to speak to Izzy's next coaches once she's moved up to the Training Team.  For now, and maybe the next year, she'll stay with the Dynamites and work on her skill set.  They showed us a chart that the training team uses to help evaluation skill progression, and I'm hoping that Izzy's coach implements the same process.

All in all, I was happy with the meeting.  I don't believe Izzy's ready to move up yet.  I watched her stretch prior to her holiday show, and she was considerably less flexible than the rest of the girls, which shocked me because I thought she was pretty limber.  I think another year in this level will do her worlds of good.

But when I dropped her off tonight, I felt bad.  All but 3 girls on the Dynamites team were moved up to the training team, including one of Izzy's good friends.  I wasn't aware this was happening today, and we got there too late for me to have a chance to explain it to her.  I HOPE I'm worried over nothing, and when she comes home she'll be fine.  I'm also hoping that, seeing her other friends on the other team, will help her understand what she needs to do (and if she wants to do it) to move forward.

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