This year, Izzy decided that she wanted to be Rapunzel.  I was able to find the perfect dress, and hair...luckily she was okay wearing the wig as she'd worn one last year for her Merida costume.  Maybe someday we'll venture beyond the princess realm, but it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon ;)

Izzy's REALLY big into making funny faces right now, as demonstrated below.  I took this photo at her the Halloween party at her school...silly girl!

I would really, really love for the 3 of us to dress up together with a theme someday, but we were both scrambling again this year.  Glad I had this dress from my witch costume last year, as it worked pretty well with the sugar skull face that I painted on.  Joacim was the grim reaper...I think he really loves to pick scary costumes....he wants to be known as the scary house (and I think it's working, based on some of the kids that he scared in the neighborhood!)

He even got a fog machine....

Did you see Joacim in the corner?  Yeah, a lot of other kids didn't either.  He'd hide in the corner, and scare them when they'd walk up.  Izzy liked to scare the kids too!  There was one group who we saw coming up to the house, so Izzy and I headed inside and Joacim stood in his spot.  The kids knocked on the door and Izzy and I answered.  We started to give them all candy, and one of them looked at Joacim and said, "THAT'S scary", and then he started poking him a little...he clearly had no idea that Joacim was real, and right when he started poking him, Joacim whispered "Boo".  Holy hell...I thought that kid was going to jump out of his costume!  Sooooo funny!  I wonder what "scary" things he'll come up with next year.....

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