Thresheree (picture-heavy post :)

I'm so embarassingly far behind on this blog.  Life just....well....it just slips away lately.  I've just been slacking on all accounts, but I'll catch up eventually.  This past October, Izzy and Joacim took a trip to Sweden.  I wasn't able to go as I had a 2-day meeting for work that I had to go to in The Dells.  After my meeting, I headed a little farther east to meet a friend of Emily's that I'd heard so much about.  All I knew was that she lived in the country on a farm with alpaca's, and that we'd get along really well, and Emily was 100% correct!  I had a fabulous time!!!!

This lovely girl is Lola.   She's a Portuguese Water Dog (and the only reason I remember that is because the President has the same breed :) and she's adorable...so calm.

Here's Lucy....Em's puppy

The best part about this weekend was getting breakfast made for me (well, and to be honest, lunch, dinner, breakfast and coffee again :)

Mr. Will was REALLY enjoying whip cream

This dog is named Newton.  I've no idea of the breed..I just know he's a herding dog, with a STRONG herding instinct.  What I loved most about Newty is that he looked like Rosie, with longer ears.

And I can't forget the alpaca's!

The boys and girls are separated, and I'm getting inspected by the boys here

I think this alpaca's name is Plum....she's the newest baby

Their property is just heavenly...this is TOTALLY  a place that I'd want to own/live.

Will enjoyed hanging out on this enormous pumpkin.

And this beauty is Pearl.  Again, the breed escapes me, but she is BIG!  Sweet as can be, but she's a worker....she seemed to enjoy nothing more than sitting in the grass, surveying her property and letting everyone know to "stay off" :)  She has a loud, scary bark, but I found out it's all talk :)  She's a sweetie!

They live in a historic park, and on this particular weekend was an event called "Thresheree".  Essentially, it's a "pioneer days" sort of thing" revolving around a mill.

There were LOTS of old engines, with lots of people trying to get them started

and random grinders

and a weird sense of humor could be found occasionally

This is the main engine...it's actually a wood-fired steam engine, and I'd hear the sound of the steam release throughout the weekend

I heart this kid :)

This is a threshing machine, that was used to separate the grains after harvest

This was our "pu pu platter" after our walk.  I've decided that I could eat like this every day :)

Newty wasn't allowed in the living room, and was obedient (although unhappy :)

The day that I left, we headed to the barn to visit Em's horse

It was such a fantastic weekend.  It's such a relaxing place, and a GREAT family!  Stimulating conversation, great food, great friends, and DOGS!  I'm in HEAVEN!!!

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