Christmas 2013 (picture heavy post ;)

I have to admit that it was nice having family to wake up to and celebrate Christmas Day with.  A lot of the times it's just Joacim, Izzy and I, and although that's great too, it's a bit lonely.

Izzy and Auntie Bri were VERY ready to dive in!

Dad opening his present....it's not a surprise anymore, as it's the same thing every year (chocolate covered cherries).  It's one of his favorites, and it's the gift I always get him....our little tradition.

 Meanwhile, Murphy was feeling very unloved, so he plopped down right in my lap for some love.

And so did Rosie eventually...

I got Bri this glass ornament called a "witches ball"...I think she loved it!

Izzy always gets great gifts from Sweden....this coat is from farmer and farfar

I think this is the only time I've actually seen her surprised to open a gift.  Normally, she's all goosey and shy, but I FINALLY got this look captured!  All it took was a doll from Frozen to create it.

After all of the gift opening and whatnot, it was time to go outside.  Mind you, the temperatures were ridiculously, stupidly cold with a blustery wind, but that didn't stop Izzy and Bri from wanting to go sledding.

The yellow dog is Champ....my family brought him up this time so he could enjoy the holidays too :)

I think this was her first show angel of the season

Izzy's an sneaky, ornery little thing....she kept smashing snowballs into Auntie Bri's head!

And these photos illustrate why I don't sled.  I can't drive the damn thing!

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