Cabin vacation - Day 3

I realize that I've only shown a few photos of the cottage itself.  Upstairs, there was a double bed, as well as 4 extra-long bunk beds built into the wall...very Scandinavian style...
Izzy....curled up in a little ball sleeping
cute kitchen
 bright and early in the morning they were out fishing
and I was enjoying my delicious breakfast
Joacim....still fishing
but he finally caught one...a carp no less, but it's still a fish
I love that she's not afraid, and was ready to take out the hook

Izzy was doing some rock throwing, enjoying the sounds and splashes

gawd...she's so damn cute
and so is this little guy
a man...and his grill

we had to make fun of Joacim because he's ALWAYS harping on Izzy to wash her hands before dinner...looks like he could stand a dose of his own advice :)

AAAAAND more fishing (I think he's getting desperate at this point)

We finally built our first fire this night

The fire didn't last too long though, because I remembered that we had these lanterns.  I had bought these for Izzy for her birthday (very "Tangled"-ish), and this particular night was the calmest (wind-wise) that we had.

can I just mention that these things are nearly impossible to light in an easy manner????

but they sure do look pretty floating away....

Izzy was very happy, and ate a granola bar to celebrate (I'm pretty sure she had at least 20 of these over the 5 days we were there)
and Rosie enjoyed a little snuggle....

and I enjoyed some cankles..... :(

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