Cabin vacation - Day 4

Our 4th day at the cabin happened to be Father's Day, so Izzy gave Joacim his gift right away, and a big hug.  Pretty nice way to start the day, don't you think?  :)

more attempts at fishing
It was a warm day, and eventually I succumbed to the heat and headed into the water.

Izzy had fun collecting rocks

Another nap
And a little rainshower during dinner helped to cool things off a bit
We had another fire this night...Joacim whittled a point on a stick so we could roast some marshmallows
Our friends....

I just needed to display the most perfect toasted marshmallow....ever.
and after we were done roasting marshmallows, Izzy decided to be a sword-fighter

and we had a little toad friend

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