Cabin vacation - Day 2

Day 2 of our cabin vacation led us to do a bit of exploring.  We drove across the river into South Dakota to check out the little town of Milbank.

Izzy had my camera on the way there....

And took a selfy for me :)
And....there wasn't much to see in Milbank.  So we came back to the cabin.  It was really windy that day, which (I thought, at least) made it a bit colder, but I was apparently the only one :)

Okay, maybe she was FINALLY starting to feel the cold at this point

It was a fairly lazy day all the way around...perfect day for a nap

We had another wonderful dinner


I'm pretty sure there's more sauce on her face than was in her belly :)

And bathtime in this wonderful claw-foot tub

Literally, 2 minutes before I took this photo, she was telling me how "not tired" she was......

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