Cabin vacation - Day 1

We were fortunate to have more friends visit us from Sweden (one of Joacim's  best friends (Janne), his girlfriend (Marie) and their two girls (Jasmin and Josefin), so we planned a little cabin getaway in far western Minnesota, on Big Stone Lake.  We had been having pretty crappy weather up until they arrived, so Joacim and I were both worried about that, but we were very fortunate to have fantastic weather while we were there.
Here's a our little "cottage"....it slept 10, and there were 7 of us, so it was perfect!

As soon as the girls got there, they wanted to go in the water (even though i personally thought it was freezing :)

Izzy went through 3 pairs of clothes within the first hour because she kept putting different clothes on and then playing in the lake.  Here she was flinging algae on the rocks (gotta admit I'm surprised she even touched the stuff)

And this is where Joacim spent a good portion of the time.  I've NEVER known anyone that loves fishing as much as him)
The thing I love about vacations like this is that we bring all of our own food and cook our own meals, and they're usually pretty damn good.  The first night was salmon filets on the grill with some onions and dill.

Please note the usage of beer bottles as potholders :)

The cottage had a big family-sized table which fit us all well.  Here we're doing "skål time"

And I'm drinking a lovely glass of Belgian rasberry beer....in a mason jar. ...awesomesauce :)

There was a little boat on the property that the owner said we could use "at our own risk", so that's exactly what Joacim and Janne did.  
I'd say that day 1 was a HUGE success!  I always get so nervous on the first day...I mean, I PICKED this place, so I was terrified that it wouldn't live up to expectations (ask any of the girls I went on spring break with to Panama City in Florida....not my best work).  Luckily, Swedes are pretty easy-going when it comes to vacations, and this place was perfect to boot, so it was great!

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