A little sunset photo session with Izzy

We went on a little adventure last Friday night to try out a drive-in in a little town called Delano, which is about 40 minutes away.  The landscape out there is so very lovely....lots of hills, fields full of crops and farms dot the area.  We were driving home and I noticed how beautiful the lighting was, so when we got home, I convinced Izzy to go out with me so I could take some photos of her in the field behind our house:

There were about a gazillion little grasshoppers out there.  I didn't have the best lens with me to get a good photo of this little guy, but he was only a couple inches long.

I think she looks SO grown-up in this one....

This is a funny face...she's trying to convince me to take a photo of a "butterfly"

pointing out said butterfly

....that wasn't really a butterfly, but rather a scraggly moth.  No difference to Izzy...they're both magical to her ;)

And there were some beautiful grasses back there to photograph too.

I'm SO glad that she was willing to do this.  They're going to be building houses in this field eventually, but I woke up the next morning and the developer had trampled all of the grasses to mark the land for ponds and roads, so all of the loveliness is gone now, but remembered in photos....

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