Update on the garden

Here is my LOVELY garden!!!!  It's taken off quite a bit since I planted it back in June.  The plants have COMPLETELY taken off!  I took photos on July 11, but haven't had time to post them, and then I look at the broccoli photos and I'm amazed at how much it's grown in a 2 weeks!

broccoli today
broccoli on July 11 - HOLY COW!!

my sweet peas

strawberries - Izzy checks these every day...they're really tiny little berries, but tasty

We designed this garden to put these PVC hoops in it to hold up bird netting.  We aren't having issues with birds, but we ARE having issues with the plants growing a LOT bigger than I thought, so these hoops are helping to hold up the vining plants like the peas and cucumbers.

The herbs are have gone to seed (except the chives) but there's still plenty here to harvest.  I hope to freeze a lot of this over the weekend to use during the winter.

The cucumber plants are REALLY taking off

hello Mr. Spider

Mr. Stripey tomatoes..still green (but I'm hopeful)

these are pink brandywines, which (I think) is an heirloom variety...they're kinda gnarled and bumpy

lots of fruit here....I hope it ripens!!!

The lettuce has been done for awhile, but I'm leaving the plants here in the hopes that they re-seed the ground on their own for a fall crop

Another view of the broccoli...I had no idea these plants got so big!

So far, so good!  But I'm already thinking about next year, and thinking about 2 more raised beds.  I'd love to grow some potatoes, but not in the raised bed...I'll need to find another location for these.  I was going to do it down by the pond, but since they're digging it up, I'm guessing there won't be any space left along the edge.  I'd also like to get some raspberry plants (red and black)....maybe plant a couple of pumpkins too!  My mind is all a whirr with the things I'd LIKE to do...I guess I better wait until the harvest is over before I get too far ahead of myself.

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