Lemmy's back!!!

I honestly had given up hope.  I couldn't imagine finding him.  And I couldn't be happy to be so wrong!!!  ;)

I had gotten a Facebook message from my neighbor 3 houses down saying they thought that Lemmy was in their garage.  Then I spoke to my neighbor 2 houses down and he mentioned that they thought it was a racoon.  Hearing that, I didn't bother to go down there to check.
I went ahead and got ready for a National Kidney Foundation event that I was going to...all dressed up in my pretty black cocktail dress.  Then I got a knock at the door.  And my neighbor 3 doors down was there, saying that I should come down and look, so I did.  In my pretty dress.

I took one look under the stairs and got excited.  Then I poked him with a hockey stick :) and heard his mournful cry and then I KNEW it was our Lemmy!!! It took a little coaxing, and some disassembly of the neighbor's steps, but my friend Emily and I were able to catch him.  He didn't put up too much of a fight...I'm guessing he was probably pretty weak, hungry and thirsty.

Weirdly enough, his little adventure has left him sweeter than ever.  He's VERY vocal now, and ridiculously snuggly.  I swear that I can't sit down without having him jump in my lap immediately.  He's never more than a few feet away :)

He slept with me the ENTIRE first night :)

See?  Snuggly....

And never far away

I just couldn't be happier.  Seriously...what are the odds?  I'm guessing they're small...maybe this is Karma's way of giving back :)


Sarah said...

yay yay yay! Doing a happy dance for you! :) Funny how sometimes they are not very far at all and/or I'm sure he was trying to come back and maybe got confused. Poor kitty.

Jenn said...

Hooray! There is nothing worse than losing a pet - and nothing better than finding one you thought was lost!

Eva Andersson said...

Oh that´s the best news ever! I have been thinking so much of you.
So very very happy that you got your Lemmy back. Brings happy tears to my eyes..

Love from Sweden