Little Lemmy

It's been a week now since our little Lemmy has been missing, and I'm losing hope.

Last week, I took the dogs outside before bed, and as usual, I left the door open.  Lemmy usually walks over to the open door, sits on the door step and waits.  As soon as the dogs are done and I turn around, he usually bounds up the stairs.  But that must not have happened.  I honestly have no idea what happened.

The next morning, Izzy and I slept in, and it wasn't until around 11:00am that I saw that his food bowl was still full.  This just doesn't happen.  I called throughout the house...looked everywhere for him, but nothing.  He's very vocal, so if he was in the house, then I would've found him.  I looked outside, but couldn't find him there either.  Sadly, I had an appointment that I had to get to, so I hopped in the car and called Joacim.  He also didn't remember seeing Lemmy in the morning...he just fed him out of habit.

The only thing I can figure is that something spooked him while taking the dogs out, and I went inside my merry way, closed the door, and he was caught outside.  I can only imagine my poor little kitty, outside in the cold, having never even felt snow, and I locked him out in it.

The guilt is overwhelming.  I cried so much on Wednesday that my eyes swelled shut on Thursday morning.  We've looked everywhere, sent emails to our neighbors, even some other neighborhoods are on the lookout.  His food, kitty tower and litter box are outside, but he hasn't come back.  And I'm afraid he never will.  There was a full moon last week, all of the birds came back, and the weather's getting warmer.  He still has his claws, so as long as he's not hungry, I don't imagine we'll see him.  Of course, other monstrosities could have occurred, but I'm blocking that out.

I hope he's one of those cats that show up unexpectedly.  I keep thinking I'm going to see him crossing through the field behind our house.  I swear I have eyestrain from peering out the windows.  I just miss him.

Please come back, buddy.

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Eva Andersson said...

I am so said to hear that your gorgeous cat has gone missing.

All fingers crossed in hope that he´ll be back again!

Love to you all / Eva, Carolines mum.