Sadly, this year, Joacim was in Sweden for some work training, so we didn't get to spend the holiday together.  Thankfully, we have great friends here who held a Thanksgiving dinner for all of us who weren't able to make it home to be with family (thanks again, Cory and Laura!!!)
A beautiful table setting

Izzy was quick to find her spot at the "head" of the table :)

These are some lovely homemade rolls by Caroline.

Everyone brought something delicious :)

This is Izzy playing with a new friend, Henning.  Henning's parents are here on a short-term assignment with Tetra Pak, and are lovely.

And who doesn't LOVE pie???

He is SUCH  cute baby...

It looks as though he's an old soul....there's definitely a lot going on in that cute melon of his :)

After dinner, we all went downtstairs and watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (which Izzy brought with us).  We had such a great time.  I can't thank everyone enough for the great food, conversation and friendship.  It truly does feel like another family up here :)

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Rob Monroe said...

That's so awesome - love the pictures! I have always wanted to be the house that invites everyone over for a holiday, but since we live in the same town as family we are out of luck.

Hope Joacim is home for Christmas!