Grown-up Halloween Party

Seriously....it's December and I'm posting about a Halloween party..... .....I'll never catch up :)  This Halloween party was TECHNICALLY in November, so I'm not as far behind as it sounds, but still far enough behind to be embarrassed.

Our friends, Cory and Laura, hosted a grown-up Halloween party at their house the first weekend of November, and it was a blast.  I decided to go as a go-go dancer, as opposed to the Wicked Witch of the East costume I sported for trick or treating.  Not bad, I'd say....

While Joacim went as...well...I'm not quite sure exactly how you'd describe his costume :)

Yes, that is a mustache on the side of Daniel's face....it had many different locations as the evening progressed :)

This is Waldo (I mean Katie) and I

I had bought a 5-pack of mustache's for Joacim to pick from.  He brought all of them and kept updating his outfit....

Pippi and Kate Middleton

and BEER PONG!!!

After beer pong was exhausted, it was on to "tippy cup"....totally felt like I was back in college, only sober this time :)

Note that Danie's mustache has become a unibrow....

And the ladies WIN!!!

At some point I got a hold of Waldo's glasses and morphed into Velma from Scooby Doo.

Batman's sidekick was having a good time...nice photobomb by Pippi :)

And here's a picture of my closest friends....it turned out great...from l-r:  Laura, Caroline, Katie, Lyndsay, Kristin and me :)  Thanks for a great time all!!

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