I wish this post would be the one that got me caught up...sadly that's not the case (but at least I got in the Halloween post before Thanksgiving!!)

We were "Booed".  Don't know what it means to be "Booed"???  Well...lemme tell ya'.  So you create these little bag/basket of goodies, with the little instructions in it, and leave it on the doorstop of one of your neighbors.  And once you receive a "boo", you do the same thing to 2 of your neighbors.  I had heard about this before, but never lived anywhere that people actually did it (guessing, in hindsight, I could've tried to start it :).  But this year, in this great new neighborhood, they all participated.  So much so that we were "Booed" a total of 3 times!!

So, since we had been booed twice, I wanted to create 4 baskets of goodies, and here they are.

Joacim scoped out the neighborhood when he walked the dogs, and found that everyone in our little area had already been booed, so we went to the other neighborhood next to ours and started it.  I was trying to be so stealthy....sneaking around and putting the baskets on the doorsteps.  I was so scared that someone was going to open their front door as I was putting the basket down, or that their dog would bark, or that they would see me through their windows and freak out thinking I was a robber :)  Luckily, I was sneaky enough and got them all out without getting caught.  Whew!

We also weren't sure how Halloween would be, but considering how many kids there are in this neighborhood, I shouldn't have worried.  There were TONS of kids out, and it was great getting to see them all dressed up!

Here's the Trunk family's annual Halloween photo :)

And our friends, Daniel and Caroline, came over to trick-or-treat with Izzy.  This was also Caroline and mine's one-year anniversary of meeting each other ;)

She became a pro in no-time ;)

We all went out together at first, but then realized that we'd miss half of the kids, so Joacim and Daniel went back to the house to man the candy, and Caroline and I escorted "Merida" around the neighborhood.

That head of hair was the hardest thing to keep on, but she did it!  She wouldn't put it on at all before Halloween...no amount of trickery could get that thing on her head, but she wore it like it was her own :) We didn't even make it to half of the houses in the neighborhood before it started getting a bit too cool.  Next year (hoping the weather is as good) we'll start early, and bring along some liquor :)


Rob Monroe said...

Love her wig - we could not find one, which dissappointed Abby like you wouldn't believe. We ended up getting a crown from Ariel and removing the big Ariel button. Same-ish colors, so she was happy enough. :)

We had no trick or treaters - which is funny because we have at least a dozen kids in our apartment complex alone. Historically there have only been kids for three or four years, so there are several more years to wait!

Sarah said...

Ack! You all look adorable! We had no kids come to the house either. Boo. :(