Renaissance Fair (part 2)

Another trip to the Renaissance Fair....this time I got to go :)

chain mail, anyone?

The King and Queen, I assume

Izzy and I rode this...kinda fun actually

A little portal to the tiny underworld maybe?

How cute is this dog? So many little critters dressed up as fairies....

a parade

This little 11-year old spitfire is starting to be part of her dad's act...she's gorgeous and incredibly brave :)

See what I mean?

And her dad...proud pappa, I'm guessing

A little jousting tournament. These are pictures that Joacim took...I was too tired to stand in with the crowd, but he did a great job!

How PERFECT is this sign????  I wish I could've bought it...or named this blog after it :)

It was as lovely, lovely day....

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