State Fair

Yeah yeah...I know...the State Fair was over a month ago.  I tell ya people, we're BUSY up here :)

Birthing center at the fair - this mamma was in labor

piglets are always cute, I don't care what you say

THE BEST corn on the cob...seriously, the best

a state fair staple....when I went up to order, I was asked if I want to be able to close the lid or not (due to overflowing cookies)..of course I selected "not"...

Caroline had to try some too.  And that milk....SOOOOOOOOOO COLD!

anyone that knows me knows that this is fairly self-explanatory, and quite possibly my most favorite place at the fair

we took a day off of work to go to the fair and there were this many people there..thank goodness we didn't go on a weekend!

and of course there are rides

these cars were, by far, her favorite

my favorite photo of the day

after the fair, we went to a restaurant to have a drink and eat (again..it was a day of utter gluttony) and we saw this beautiful mullet sitting next to us, so I had to take a photo

"parking" at the restaurant

and a lovely sunset to cap off a great day!


Rob Monroe said...

Wow! Just...wow! I wish we had a good fair around here - got really spoiled when I worked at camp in Virginia. Our County Fair rivaled most state fairs in diversity of fun and creative foods. :)

Love the pic you titled your favorite - just perfection!

Holly said...

I love the photos of Izzy in the racecar. They are pure joy personified. Beautiful!

I am also now craving deep-fried pickles and there isn't one of those within about 15 time zones. Curse you!


Lots of love!