A little outdoor play....

This was actually only 2 weeks ago, so I'm glad we took advantage of the nice weather when we could (considering that it snowed here yesterday).  We have a HUGE backyard in our new home, but since we don't have a deck yet, we don't seem to use it much, which is a shame considering we have 2 high-energy dogs like Rosie and Murphy.
Look how excited he is!!!  Joacim has Murphy's wubba in his hand right now, ready to throw.

This dog could do this ALL day

And I think Izzy could make this face ALL day as well :)

Rosie was clearly comfortable with the hugs (note sarcasm)

Izzy's first attempt, at least in awhile, of a forward roll...let's just say it didn't end as planned.

But she succeeded in the end

That FACE!!!!  Get's me every time....

When I see this picture, I think of this video...

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