Will's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Will's first birthday.  I have had the pleasure of seeing this little treasure grow up, so I was so happy to get to take photos of his birthday party :)

Izzy and I went up the night before to hang out with Emily and Will.  Joacim was out for a "guys night" so we thought we could go up and help out.  I don't really think we did much helping though :)  The only thing I did was bring some lasagna, which you see all smashed up in front of Will.

He looks so BIG here!!

And Snow White was dancing around as well :)

Look how cute Lucy looks.  She was snuggling with Will's elephant

Will LOVES his Grandma

And his Grandpa (and I'm pretty sure it's universal)

Here was a present Will got from Grandma and Grandpa.  He loved sitting in it

And Emily made the most amazing pork ragout...soooooo good!

Lucy was in position early

I love how surrounded Will is with Love....he's a happy baby with a GREAT family!

And Emily ALSO made this pretty Neopolitan cake for his first cake.  Yummy!

And it all started out good enough

But quickly deteriorated when he started shoving huge pieces into his mouth (and it gets better...see below)

It was also Jen and Karyl's birthday as well, so they got to blow out their candles too.

It's hard to resist this smile, isn't it (even when it's covered in red-velvet cake)

Oh yes...Will REALLY got into the spirit of things...and the cake too!

I think Izzy has somewhat adopted Emily and her family and it seems mutual.  Even Em's sister, Leslie, had fun with her.

And then Emily let will REALLY get into his cake

And Lucy was never very far away...lucky for her that Will wanted to share

And poor Lucy had no idea what Will would do next.

He seemed to REALLY enjoy smearing icing all over Lucy

But I don't think she cared since she was able to eat the leftovers

I'm not sure if you can see in this photo, but Will's hands were covered in hair and icing.  Yum.

Thank you Emily and family for letting me crash Will's party :)


Rob Monroe said...

LOVE the pictures! Looks like so much fun!

(And by the way, I really want the recipe for that pork - it looks incredible!)

Sarah said...

These are great pictures Jenn! What a great time and beautiful little boy!

Anne379 said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing Em! All great but some of these photos could win a contest. Amazing :)