Framing is done!

Joacim arrived in Minnesota this morning, and it seemed to take forever, but he FINALLY sent me some photos of the house.  Holy crap!  Isn't it incredible how FAST it's going up???

View from the living room

Laundry room and beyond that is the loft

I think this is the laundry room and then our room

And I think this is either Izzy's room or the spare bedroom

downstairs view of stairs and office from the kitchen

And the back of the house

I'm really glad Joacim was able to go up there and do a walkthrough with the builder.  He uncovered a couple of issues that we completely missed, and hopefully he's able to address a couple of things we forgot (like heat in the garage AND an electrical outlet in the master bathroom for a towel warmer.  I've wanted one soooo bad at our current home but there's no way to power one, and I'm GOING to have one in our new house.  SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

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Rob Monroe said...

That's incredibly awesome - wow! Now it is really coming together, and you're right that it seems quick!