Disney on Ice

We took Izzy to Disney on Ice last weekend. Now granted, I wasn't really looking forward to this...ok, I'll be honest...I was pretty much dreading it. But I was honestly surprised at how good it was!!!  We didn't tell Izzy that we were taking her, and when we first got there, she was completely confused because it was The Princess and the Frog" portion of the show, and she hasn't seen that one yet.

But it didn't take long for her to warm up.  Of course, a snow cone in a princess cup doesn't hurt either ;)

and it's AMAZING what cotton candy and a princess crown will do for a little girl

After the show, we had dinner with my friends Sarah and Brian, and their kids Mady (yes, of CinciMady fame, and Jacob).  While we were waiting, we took a family portrait..complete with Rapunzel hair.

I think SOMEONE was VERY HAPPY this day :)

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Rob Monroe said...

Looks like a great time - always awesome when it turns out to be more fun than you expect!