We've got walls!!!

Here's what our new house in Minnesota looked like last Tuesday:

And here's what it looked like last Friday morning!!!  We have walls!  I was shocked when I drove up to the site on Friday...totally didn't expect to see anything, but I was PLEASANTLY surprised.  The guys were kind enough to let me take some photos...

looking into the kitchen

half-wall separating living room and dining room

living room

stairway to basement

living room windows and the view

dining room bump-out and view

front of house (garage will be on the right)

view from the road

I can't tell you how excited we are! Now that we see walls, it feels like it'll be done in no-time. We have a tentative close date of March 27th. Joacim's heading up there next week to do a framing inspection. Wish us luck that all goes well!

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Rob Monroe said...

That's SO awesome! Must be even more fun to see it built when you have it all laid out in your head!