Little shitball

Ok, remember the other day when I posted something about Rosie being destructive?  Yeah, well, she keeps finding ways to outdo herself.  This is what we saw when we got home tonight.

 Don't know what that is?  We didn't either, until we saw this
A whole FRICKIN box of instant oatmeal packets.  Gone.  Devoured.  Destroyed.  This was a whole box...I just opened it this morning and ate one packet.  There was not a scrap to be found (except the box, of course....she left that little diddy for us :)

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Rob Monroe said...

Anny and I had a chuckle at my Google Reader stream - it looked like a Jeckyl and Hyde day for Izzy:

"Mommy's Little Helper"
"I think we've found our new neighbors in Minnesota"
"Little Shitball"