Izzy's playdate with "Cinci-Mady"

Last weekend, Izzy and I headed over to Sarah and Mady's house for a playdate.  They just built a new house and I was excited to see it (it's beautiful, by the way).  The whole "Cinci-Mady" thing came about the last time we went for a clinical trial visit. If you recall, they're in Cincinatti, and on the way there, Izzy kept asking where we were going so I told her. Well, somehow in her 3-year old brain, she thought we were going to Mady's house, and she kept saying Cincimady...and that's how Mady got her nickname from Izzy.

Anyway, Sarah had the brilliant idea to try to make snowglobes with the girsl (using this tutorial), and it WAS fun, but the girls quickly tired of it and decided to head upstairs and play. It was probably for the best anyway, because Sarah and I didn't have a clue as to what we were doing, and that kind of disarray is never good for 3-year olds :)
In the end, they turned out pretty cool.  Here's my 2nd attempt (don't ask about the first ;).  I think the next ones we make will be MUCH better.  It's not really practical to try to do this all in one day..you NEED to allow a couple of days for the glue to dry.
And then Jake (Mady's older brother) came home from a birthday party, and they all played (don't mind Cooper down there :)
There were a couple of disagreements, but I'm chalking that up to 2 girls that had about 5 minutes worth of naptime that day.
A good time again!  I'm going to miss these guys and these playdates!!!

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Rob Monroe said...

I found that as soon as we announced our move we kind of ended up making new and better friends. It was weird and ended up making that move harder in the end!

Love the snow globe - VERY cool!