Leaves and lights

Joacim is in Sweden for the next couple of week, so Izzy and I are flyin' solo. It was a pretty warm day last Sunday, so I decided to start working on the Christmas decorations. I figured that it was something that Izzy would be able to help me with, and if not, then at least she'd be able to be outside and playing.  After we got up some of the Christmas lights, I decided we needed more, so we headed out to the grocery store to get a few things and pick up more lights.  When we got back, it looked like it was going to storm, so Izzy and I hurried up and raked the leaves in the front yard.  Thankfully, the weather held off so she could play in them for awhile.

And in video....

And then after all of THAT, we headed inside to decorate the inside.  

 And here are a couple of the outside decorations.  Nothing too fancy, but just enough :)

I can't believe how much we got done that day.  We were EXHAUSTED, but I am so glad that it's all done.

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Rob Monroe said...

I love the action shots of jumping in the leaves!

And it looks like you live in a museum with that freaking-perfect Christmas tree! You'll likely be disappointed in what goes up on my blog about our, um... "tree" this year. :)